Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Open Invitation To Learn With Us

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Most of my work as Alabama's Teacher of the Year will be based in my fourth grade classroom at Cherokee Bend this year. Why? Because I cannot fulfill my responsibilities outside of the classroom without first living and learning inside a classroom with children on a daily basis.

If I spend my days with children (those who should be at the center of education conversations, policy decisions, and reform efforts), I can then speak confidently to all stakeholders and share what's most important in moving our profession forward. Children should be at the heart of every decision we make about educational improvement, but it's difficult to know what's best for children if we aren't living and learning alongside them.

So, this is an open invitation to come and learn alongside my amazing student teacher, Taylor Drozenski, a group of fabulous fourth graders, the Cherokee Bend family, and me this year.  If you are interested in visiting, please contact my principal, Betsy Bell, or Ann Starks at the Alabama State Department of Education to schedule a visit.

Happy New School Year!
Ann Marie


Anonymous said...

You rock Ann Marie.

Elisa said...

Congrats, Ann Marie! I wish I could visit your classroom and learn with you and your students. Since I can't, I am going to do the next best thing, which is to follow your learning journey on your blog.
PS We'll celebrate at NCTE.

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